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Company profile
We, Jiangsu Xingrong High-Tech Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called XR-HITECH) was established in 1993. It is engaged in copper and aluminum manufacturing equipment, copper tube, aluminum tube, and copper aluminum bimetal tube production. We have an equipment manufacturing plant, a joint venture copper tube plant, and a metal tube research center under company.
XR-HITECH is the major supplier for seamless copper tube equipment worldwide. It has supplied more than 100 production lines to both domestic market in China and world market. We had provided casting and rolling copper tube whole production lines as well as individual equipment to most of the copper tube manufacturers in USA, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan etc. Our equipment and support services are well accepted by our clients. 
This proposal gives the most updated equipment of XR and contains many new features such as automatic cathode feeding system, high effective 100mm PSW rolling system, less maintenance combined draw line as well as high speed 500m/min on line annealing system with imported power unit from Inductoheat as well as our updated continuous annealing system.